The counseling experience is gentle and powerful. It creates a comfortable and non-judgmental environment. Eventually, it becomes possible to identify deep mental, emotional, and spiritual entanglements. These are conditions of the heart, mind and soul. In other words, they are the stony places, thorns and weeds that stand in the way of the abundant life that God promises. Unless these conditions are changed, chaos, stress and sadness remain. Inviting God to be part of the this process results in peace and lasting change. We deliver counseling in several ways:

  • We know people are busy and finding the time to attend counseling sessions is difficult for many. Due to this reality, we offer many of our individual counseling services in a non traditional format (mobile-we come to you, teleconference such as Skype, Zoom, and FaceTime and other creative formats) in addition to our traditional (office based) setting.
  • Many people feel alone in their pain and this common feeling makes group sessions so powerful. We learn together, heal together and grow together in a safe and intimate environment. We partner with local churches and ministries to host our Restoring the Seed group counseling sessions at various times and locations all over the Country. Please visit our Events page to keep up with the scheduled groups. Contact us if you’d like to host a Restoring the Seed session in your church or community.


Sexual Abuse Training 2009

We partner with churches and organizations to spread awareness of the issue of sexual abuse & exploitation and train leaders and lay members about the dynamics, the clinical implications, and the spiritual effects that often result from sexual abuse. We also assist churches in developing a strategic plan to enable them to effectively bring restoration and be the healing centers they were created to be.


Utilizing an authentic, dynamic and engaging style, Dawn weaves her personal and professional experiences and education together to inform, inspire and empower others to take a stand and confront sexual abuse & exploitation within their churches, communities, families and organizations across the country.


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