life is hard

The counseling experience is gentle and powerful. It creates a comfortable and non-judgemental environment. Eventually, it becomes possible to identify deep mental, emotional, and spiritual entanglements. These are conditions of the heart, mind and soul. In other words, they are the stony places, thorns and weeds that stand in the way of the abundant life that God promises. Unless these conditions are changed, chaos, stress and sadness remain. Inviting God to be part of the this process results in peace and lasting change.

I specialize in helping women and children who have been sexually, emotionally or physically abused.  Other areas include:






spritiual and ministry issues

family and relationship issues


Benefits of Counseling include:

Insight and understanding of yourself

More self-awareness

Increased acceptance and appreciation of yourself

Discovery of your authentic self

Increased emotional intelligence (ability to handle emotions)

Increased self-control

Breaking of strongholds

Greater appreciation and understanding of others

Peace and freedom

Improvement in relationships

Enhanced relationships