Our mission: Confronting sexual abuse & exploitation and helping women discover their true identity in Christ!

Sexual abuse & exploitation is all too prevalent in our society and in our world. From childhood sexual abuse to human trafficking, this dark spirit traps its victims in a web of trauma that is both subtle and bold resulting in the loss of our identity and worth. Combining Biblical and therapeutic principles allows us to experience healing in our painful areas, gain deeper understanding of ourselves through insight and ultimately take hold of the freedom God desires for all.


Alimayu Ministries has two main initiatives in confronting sexual abuse & exploitation: Stealing the Seed and Restoring the Seed. These initiatives focus on increasing awareness and education of the issue of sexual abuse & exploitation as well as providing tangible, restorative services to the women who need them.


In our Stealing the Seed Seminar, we partner with host churches & organizations to raise awareness and educate communities about the issue of sexual abuse & exploitation. Attendees learn about the dynamics, the clinical implications, and the spiritual effects that often result from sexual abuse. We also address why healing is necessary and how the church can make a true, lasting impact in helping women heal in this area.

Women who were sexually abused and exploited are worshiping in churches and living in communities across the nation secretly longing for the very hope, love and healing we teach in our sermons and bible studies. Alimayu Ministries partners with local churches and ministries to offer hope and healing to the women in their congregations and the communities they serve with a goal of empowering those affected by sexual abuse & exploitation to positively impact their families and communities and break the cycle of brokenness.


Restoring the Seed is a Biblically-based curriculum created by our Founder Dawn Gatling and is designed to guide women through their journey as they begin to heal from the many effects of sexual abuse & exploitation. The are two formats in delivering this curriculum; Group format and Weekend Workshop format. The Group format of Restoring the Seed is held weekly for 1.5 hours for 8 weeks and the Weekend Workshop format of Restoring the Seed is held Friday evenings and all day Saturday.

Both formats are only provided by Alimayu Ministries in conjunction with a local church or ministry organization. Participants will learn how the effects of sexual abuse impact them specifically, learn their own triggers, explore forgiveness, learn effective coping skills, learn how to manage their emotions, learn about who they truly are as daughters of the King and much more.


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